Rental Agreement

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CREDIT CARD DETAILS –  By providing a credit card number, expiration date and your name as it appears on the card, you are authorizing Santa Fe Hobbit House to make charges to your credit card for accommodations, requested items, services, and any violations or damage that has resulted to the property during occupancy.

By signing this form, you are also agreeing with the policies described on our rates and policy page.

Please read our policies before printing and signing this form.
*NOTE: Please use black ink and print neatly the information below…

__________________________________________________      __________
cardholder  signature                                                     date

____________________________________        _______________          ____________
credit card number                                   type of card                 expiration date

_______________________________               _________________
home phone (with area code)                              cell phone

mailing address, (printed name, street address., city, state, and zip)

e-mail address
Adult guests ____ Children____ check-in date_________ check-out date_________

Reservation is not confirmed until we receive a faxed or e-mailed signed copy of this form.
Fax #:   (505) 438-9161            e-mail:
Terry and Sheila Northway/ Santa Fe Hobbit House
2507 Camino Cabestro
Santa Fe, NM  87505